Build With Me

Inspired by the page from Ben Kuhn.

I work at Socket. We’re building privacy and social infrastructure, starting with crypto.

If you’re interested in working on improving social coordination and taking on a pivotal role in shaping our roadmap in a fast-paced environment, send an email to eva [at] with the subject [Work]. Please include your timezone and location.

Bonus if you send a 1-liner on the weirdest thing about you :)

Founding Engineer
  • Full stack (Web), Back-end
  • Javascript, C++
  • No particular type of degree required, we will be indexing on individual interest and contributions. Open source contributions are +!
  • If you're interested in this role, link your Github profile and 1 technical project (no need to describe more than a few bullet points describing your contributions) you've worked on that you're proud of.
Founding Growth
  • We are interested in someone who can own growth and enjoy experimenting with new and unconventional ways for growth.
  • You will get to own growth. This means you enjoy running new experiments and quick iterations on new ways of understanding, acquiring, and retaining users.
  • You are someone who enjoy quantitative metrics but understand Goodhart's law. This may include producing social content (Twitter, Discord), identifying community trends and partners, and finding new growth avenues.
  • Some parts of growth will also be relaying feedback or working closely with people on the product side.
  • Some things we've done include
  • taping QR code posters for user studies in the wild
  • recruiting user feedback manually at events
  • live-calling users and walking them through demos
  • If you're interested in this role, send one example of a way you've lost and acquired a key user for a project you've worked on (just a couple of bullet points or sentences).

If you are someone with skills not included in the above but are interested in what we mentioned above and want to help, feel free to reach out. We care highly about the overall quality of our team rather than a specific mold for a profile.


I care a lot about the long-term impact of my work. Previously I was part of efforts working on engineering for climate modelling, famine-prediction, healthcare, and AI safety. I spent (and still spend) time thinking about how to effectively align science, public goods, and long-term innvoation with incentives.

If you share similar priorities and aren’t sure about social coordination as an area for focus, I would love for you to reach out and share more on why I think they are an important vechicle for progress.