About Me

I am currently part of a team experimenting with new ways of powering up social networks.

If you are interested in helping build out our experiment, particularly if you are someone interested in software engineering, growth, or tokenomics, reach out! See more via the build page.

I studied Mathematics (B.S) and Computer Science (M.S) at Stanford. Here are some places and communities I’ve spent some time at.

You can find my substack below. If you wanted to check out a sample, here’s my most recent post (trended Top 3 on HackerNew’s front page for a bit).

I always find it refreshing to hear new perspectives - feel free to reach out by email! You can also leave anonymous feedback for me here 💭.

Note: if you saw this via a Google ad - I’m doing a small AB experiment on search results for fun. Click the below to vote on whether you saw my website through an ad.